German Amateur-Radio-Club - Local Club Düsseldorf, R01

Welcome to our website! We are a subdivision of Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club e.V. (DARC), which is over 34,000 members strong. As part of in the district North Rhine (R), our club number ("DOK") is R01. Currently, we have good 80 members and guest members.

The club runs the following stations: The club station DL0DX, the 70 cm voice repeater DB0SJ and the 70 cm multimode repeater DB0DUX including a Hamnet user entry at 5 GHz.

The next dates

Club meeting

The club meeting is on every third Thursday of the month. Guests are welcome here.

The next local club's meeting is on October 20, 2022 at 8:00 pm.

Video chat room

During the corona time (especially when no meeting at the club station was possible), a special video chat room was set up by R01. This room is still available for use.

The latest events

Repair of the rotor for the 10 meter Yagi antenna

The rotor at the base of the Yagi antenna for the 10-meter band no longer worked reliably, the control unit could no longer detect the current direction of the antenna. Therefore the rotor, a Daiwa MR-750, was dismantled and disassembled together on May 1, 2022. It quickly became clear that a connecting cable on the potentiometer for direction detection had come loose. Inside the rotor had also accumulated a lot of white powder. Presumably, this was aluminum oxide, which had formed in recent years due to corrosion.
In the morning of Mai 8, 2022, those present removed the white powder with compressed air. On subsequent Sundays, the rotor will be lubricated, assembled and reattached to the mast.

Anton and Klaus (DL5RFK) clean the rotor gear with compressed air. (Photo: Oliver, DK7TX)



Andreas Buchwald, DC4AB
Friedrichstraße 4 · 40699 Erkrath
Telephone: +49-211-598 27 41

Vice chairman

Robert Ivnik, DO7II
Planetenstraße 37 · 40223 Düsseldorf
Telephone: +49-211-168 27 79

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