German Amateur-Radio-Club - Local Club Düsseldorf, R01

Welcome to our website! We are a subdivision of Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club e.V. (DARC), which is over 33,000 members strong. As part of in the district North Rhine (R), our club number ("DOK") is R01. Currently, we have good 80 members and guest members.

The club runs the following stations: The club station DL0DX, the 70 cm voice repeater DB0SJ and the 70 cm multimode repeater DB0DUX including a Hamnet user entry at 5 GHz.

The next dates

Club meeting

The club meeting is on every third Thursday of the month. Guests are welcome here.

The next local club's meeting is on May 16, 2024 at 8:00 pm.

Amateur radio flea market Bergheim

The DARC local club G20 Bergheim arranges the 41st Bergheimer Amateurfunk Flohmarkt on May 11, 2024:

Amateur radio exhibition FUNK.TAG

The DARC-Verlag (publisher) arranges the FUNK.TAG KASSEL at April 27th 2024 for the sixth time:

The latest events

Re-assembly of the shortwave dipole antennas

Almost two years after we had to dismantle our three dipole antennas for the shortwave bands 40 meters, 80 meters and 160 meters, we were able to mount these antennas on a new mounting point on Saturday, April 29, 2023. The antennas had to be dismantled because the old neighboring school building of the Franz-Jürgens-Berufskolleg had to be demolished after many years. The antennas had been mounted for several years between the main building (C-building) of the Heinrich-Hertz-Berufskolleg (where our club station is located) and the building of the Franz-Jürgens-Berufskolleg, which was demolished in 2021.

Hendrik (DM5MD) mounts the eyebolts in the background, Hans-Georg (DL6WA) and
Holger (DL5KUT) prepare the auxiliary rope to raise the antennas. (Photo: Andreas, DC4AB)

We are very lucky that the education authority of the city of Düsseldorf allows us to mount the antennas now to the extension building (E-building) of the Heinrich-Hertz-Berufskolleg, which was built at the end of 2018. Fortunately, suitable mounting holes were already found on the steel framework of the ventilation system, into which we were able to mount stainless eyebolts, as used in shipbuilding. The antenna ropes could be tied to these screws.

Klaus (DL5RFK) and Michael (DL5JS) fix the tight rope of the 20-meter antenna,
Manfred (DH9EO) traces the antenna cable. (Photo: Andreas, DC4AB)

The setup of the three antennas started at 10 am and was done in less than five hours. Hans-Georg (DL6WA), Michael (DL5JS), Marc (DM1MF), Holger (DL5KUT), Klaus (DL5RFK), Anton, Andreas (DC4AB), Manfred (DH9EO), Hendrik (DM5MD) and Norbert (DD1NK) helped. Appropriate for the work, the weather was shady and heavily overcast, but dry throughout. The span of the antennas between the buildings is between 100 meters and 86 meters, the center fed antennas hang about 30 meters above the school yard.

The ropes of the antennas for the 160-meter band and the 80-meter band
from the new E-building to the main building. (Photo: Hendrik, DM5MD)

After hanging and connecting the antennas, they were measured. It turned out that something was wrong with the middle of the three antennas. The measurement showed a very poor standing wave ratio, so the electrical length of the antenna for the 80-meter band did not match the intended frequency of 3.5 MHz. Fortunately, the antenna could be quickly retracted to one of the buildings and the centered feed point replaced by a new part. After that, the antenna was pulled back between the buildings and the rope ends were tied well again. After that the standing wave ratio was correct. Now all three shortwave dipole antennas are ready for use again.



Andreas Buchwald, DC4AB
Friedrichstraße 4 · 40699 Erkrath
Telephone: +49-211-598 27 41

Vice chairman

Hendrik Hano, DM5MD

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